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Qui est Justima?: Un homme qui voit le côté positif des choses et qui part en guerre contre l'idée fataliste qu'Haïti qui est sans cesse dans une descente et chute libre mystiques depuis 200 ans ne se resaisira pas dans les 5 prochaines années pour commencer à réussir une ascencion matérielle et mentale qui va étonner le monde. Un homme de croyances profondes et de principes qui part en guerre contre notre instabilité politico-sociale chronique, désordre institutionnel systémique généralisé, dysfonctionnement économique total et qui dit qu'Haïti a besoin d'un pouvoir volontariste fort pour combler le retard et le mal-developpement de plus de 200 ans. Un homme de famille qui croit que si le plus petit noyau d'Haïtiens qui est la famille connaisse un renouveau et re-apprenne à tisser entre ses membres des liens de confiance et de constance solides et durables ceci refairait fractalement la société haïtienne et le tissu social haïtien et augmenterait exponentiellement le capital social sur lequel on doit lever une nouvelle nation. Un homme qui adore chanter, danser, faire à manger, voyager et qui adore aimer. Justima est le second plus jeune ancien Candidat à la Présidence d'Haiti.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Haiti's Presidency: What Presidential Candidate JUSTIMA Plans to do after the Presidential Elections of 2006 in Haiti

People want me to consider to run again, as one of the youngest former Presidential Candidates, at age 40.
But it’s not about me, it’s about the sacrificial gift of my youth to practicing patriotism and it’s about commitment to community and country.
So, I don’t just want to talk about my program for a 5 year presidency for the next general elections scheduled for 2011.
I don’t just want to talk about my 25 to 30 year vision, they say that separates me from the rest, and that will lift the country and enable it to try to catch, as a matter of national goal and pride, South Korea, which was at the same level with Haiti in 1965.
I want, as of now, to do the heavy lifting that my predecessors did not do of teaching my people in Haiti and outside Haiti, more than lessons learned at school, how to advance as a people so the country can advance.
I don’t want to wait for the presidency. I want to teach Haitians deeper things they have overlooked and that make a people a great nation: the value of taking care of self, of each other, the value of taking care of the motherland’s environment, of our roots, of community, and the value of God for a nation as well as the cardinal republican values of liberty, equality, fraternity, stability, modernity, prosperity and posterity for all that must take roots in practice, their beauty and their use in making ordinary people transcend and do extraordinary things the like of what our grandmothers and grand fathers did in 1803 to render 1804 possible.

I want my fellow countrymen to know more than just the personal surviving that everyone is doing right now. I want to teach Haitians a sense of personal and collective curiosity to discover how our country too can have what is great, grand, pretty, modern and standard that others have.

I want to teach us how to think a new national thought so we all leave behind the 1804, 1904, 1957, 1991 moods and modes of thinking because feet are made to work ahead, and eyes are made to see forward, as contemporary Haitians of today, we must look forward and strive to rise to the challenge to be the greatest generation of Haitians since the first one that created the country, in showing posterity that we have successfully tackled not slavery but wholesale misery, negative economic growth, and permanent dysfunctionality to be really free and independent.

I want to teach my people how to think and how to choose what’s right above what’s wrong for the common good and the good of the country, so there is a difference for all, finally in Haiti, between living and living well, for all of us are co- heirs and co-owners of the land by virtue of the deeds of 1803 of the forefather of each one of us, therefore each of us must have a shot at enjoying milking the cow.
I want each of us to get that, so we learn each day to be at peace with each other and to prosper and grow in even better ways than before. I want each of us to choose to be a productive member of one of the 49 new communities or provinces we shall create in Haiti so each of us can blossom at the same time, without bothering each other, and into a higher brand of transformed Haitians who are transforming Haiti as we know it into a new Haїtiana, a Haiti.2, a higher level nation, materially and intellectually, a shining country literally built on the hills.

This is where I see Haiti and where I want to take my nation over a span of 25 to 30 years and for this, Lord, let me be a friend, and a guide and a leader to my people as of now until 2011 arrives, and from that year and beyond and let me be the attractor to those who want to help it and make it happen.

Let me start a whole socio-political movement of new blood, fresh eyes and fresh perspectives called PLATFOM JWISANS YON HAITI.2 that gets everybody on board, Haitians, people of Haitian descent, non-Haitians and friends of Haiti alike.
Let me start a foundation, FONDATION JUSTIMA and let that foundation starts now
1) with a community-violence reduction program that redeems and re-orients the youth of our disadvantaged neighborhoods that are into gangs and kidnappings, for we are loosing a generation,
2) with a house of refuge and of re-orientation for all the young women and pretty teenagers who must sell their body to put food on the table and pay their way to school,
3) with a program of access to real farm and agricultural capital and credit for countless groups of 7 or more peasants organized in production consortium as well as a program of lending them the lands of Haitians living abroad, and
4) with a project of Low Prices Plan that cuts the high prices of food and basic necessities for the people of 250 of our most populated neighborhoods in Haiti so we give an economic breather to the masses.
And finally, with our eyes on the next general elections, let me attract and assemble all the grassroots and pro-people organizations under a one-structured delivery and well-funded political system and machine that provide them with a new cause: a post-Aristide era where each one enjoys too the milking of the national cow, the cow of our newly found national wealth, under the leadership of a new leader for the new times.
JUSTIMA Emmanuel, 7/7/06

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