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Monday, July 30, 2007

Restructuring Haiti: Justima's Ambitions of Re-structuring the State of Haiti, top to bottom, so it can tackle real nation-building of the New Haiti

Nation-Building is no Picnic
Re-structuring a country that is 200 years behind any form of civilisation is not rocket science. But it is still an offly complicated thing to make happen when you don't have the luxury to build it over another 200 years when you can take your sweet time to take things and assemble them piece by piece. To turn the whole thing around over a definite horizon of 2 to 3 decades when you are there to conduct it with the same strong-willed, talented and energized men and women backed by a lot of money and technology on the ground, you have to choregraph a set of complex moves that must be executed together, you have to interweave various sets of complex leadership acts that must react with and interpenetrate each other and the effects of each set and combined sets must multiply themselves suddenly, fractally, rapidly, to pull back up, in giant moves after giants moves and out of the grips of the several combining divergent forces, all that was pulling the country down. Putting together such a pressure cooker is no picnic.

The 2 Forces in Haiti and about Haiti that are Pulling us Down
And the manifestations of these forces, that we just spoke of, are congregating themselves into the 2 huges forces in Haiti and about Haiti that are clashing while we and the country are all immobilized.

1- The first group of these two converging divergent forces says: Make their misery more bearable on their way down, make it less painful for them, more humane for them. Run to help them with bringing them food and medicines and emergency makeshift housing, makeshift running water, makeshift roads, etc. Give them all emergency things they need on their way down and let them drown, they will drown, it's over platform. Stay close enough but stay away enough for them not to pull us the rescuers down with them. The sooner we realize that, we can cut our losses. It will never change or be any better. It is the way of Haiti. It its gravity doing its thing, because what it will take to get them across is too huge, the cost is too huge.

2- The second group these converging divergent forces says: Well rather than drowning or before we drown, we will seize your boat that is taking you to safe harbor and we hold on to it. We will hold on to your foot to gather strength and have a chance to save our skin even though that might endanger us all platform.

The Powerful 3rd Force and Strange Attractor for These 2 Forces that We Must Build
Both set of these 2 huges converging forces in Haiti and about Haiti are wrong and they know it. It is simply the best they've got. How about building a third platform as a powerful strange attractor for these first 2forces, make a deal with all, that all consent to pay for whatever it takes, and let us do whatever we must do to pay back if we use our connections to get us all a lifeline and a raft that lift us all across at whatever the cost? It is that which has never been tried and which is a win/win. We must build that 3rd huge force and platform if there must be any restructuring for any nation building at all and it is what I am trying to implant in the country and to coordinate outside Haiti. Otherwise we are trapped.

Otherwise We Will Remain Trapped
About 10 millions of us will remain trapped:

1) without ever a chance, in mass, to get the advanced knowledge, education and re-education, attidude and skills and habits we each need to be able to do something useful and fruitful for ourselves and for the nation, so we do not keep on killing its chances for advancement in threatening to have it run over completely by the pulling down of our negative forces that swirl over the country, we will not go anywhere;

2) without a chance ever, in mass, to get the advanced tools we each need to retool and use our advanced education to make things as efficiently and as precisely world-class like the same way as any other more advanced nations so this advanced retooling makes us and our country make money, we are not going anywhere;

3) without ever a chance, in mass, for all of us who are being wasted because the country is a wasteland without viable business activities and without us, who are using only 10 to 15% of our total capacity and of what we each could have done, having ever the chance to start harnessing and mining the boundless opportunities of a country that has not been built for 200 years and that can create anything from scratch and greenfield anything and raise anything and build anything over the land, we are going anywhere;

4) without a chance ever, in mass, for the connections to get the broad adequate capitalization, the broad adequate credit financing and capital we would each need to adequately and broadly fund any pursuit of such opportunities and make them stick rather than just sitting and contemplating them and what we could have done, we are not going anywhere;

5) without ever a chance, in mass, for each of us to be able to count on all the requisite critical infrastructures to power what we are doing, the mass transit road systems, railroad trains systems, huge ferry and ports and airports systems, etc. to move the vast array of people and of materials it takes to help us make any of this a reality, we are not going anywhere;

We are trapped and possibly for ever, as the world has its own problem and is leaving us behind and caught up in these webs of forces. The time to un-trapped Haiti and ourselves and build a post-now era is now or never.

Time to Un-trapped, The Way to Un-Trapped and The Way Forward
It is therefore legitimate that you should look for a post Aristide/post Preval era, one that even Aristide and Preval called for in their own kind of way, one that equally the businessman Andre Apaid and his "184" bourgeois-led insurrection movement" called for, one that would be soon in Haiti and that can finally land the many mass movements that the Haitian population has been spurring up, in vain for a re-direction, a re-start, a new "depart", a period of "re"-construction, of nation-building. But this will come about only with the levy of a new, fresh, distributed leadership that has broad based support both in Haiti and outside Haiti. Such a fresh leadership cannot be parachuted each 2 to 3 months before an election. Any such sudden genius will degenerate as you know. Instead, such fresh and new leadership for a fresh start that all can believe in, in Haiti and outside Haiti, must be worked on 2 to 3 years before and developed with all who cares. We think you do and that you have a great stake in the outcome of any new movement in our country. Therefore let us share with you what I, Emmanuel Justima as the young aspirant Leader of our country, was entrusted upon to come up with, the shared vision of the way forward on how best to bring in new leadership and new acts of leadership for a new era in our country.

My Justima's shared vision uses a very simple common sense approach. It says if you keep on reaching in the same pool that we have been reaching in, in over 200 years, to find those to lead the country, you'll definitely pick the same kind of people from whom you cannot expect something different. In other to increase your chance of something new being done and taking hold, you have to reach in a different pool of people or mix things up tremendously in the pool you've got. You have to have some new people at it in Haiti, if Haiti is to be finally seriously transformed. Einstein says it best, you cannot solve problems like these seeing them with the same eyes that have created them or that have coped with them. You need fresh pair of eyes that can figure out in what they see all the various fresh ways these problems can be overcome. To put ist simply: You need new People.

The Personnel Element in the Multi-Aspects of What We Must Put Together
By virtue of what I explained above as nation-building being very dynamic, very fluid and very complex, any nation building in our country will be, out of necessity, a multi-locations, a multi-sites, a multi-focused in multi-domains, therefore will be multi-plans simultaneously that shall require a great variety of cross-functional teams of mostly new people, with the requisite skills, working in tandem in unisom. You must have this at the basis of all that must happen in Haiti. You cannot overstate these human elements enough.

It is facing the issue of the personnel before task and performance. It is what all great theory of change and transformation calls for. It is the central and primordial issue of having first credible and capable men and of women rising together and acting together to spur a quantum leap growth and development of all in the country, instead of the traditional slow under-developers even though they have good intentions, instead of triumphing ignorants and thuggs and private plunderers of the common good. It is about the simultaneous rise of the rest of us, men and women together, to own up the life-altering, the life-transforming moves our desperate situation calls for, so we can unstuck ourselves for good.

Who will Make it Happen if Not People and Teams First Before Concentrating on Tasks and Performance?
You must have surge after surge of these multi-groups and of these multi-teams of truly committed Haitians if we have to shake up and dislodge anything out. And you must have specially leading these surges, or primarily as the majority and as the strongest contingent of these surges, those whom we never gave a chance to try and who don't care about politics but about getting it done, at last, and who can credibilize the whole Haitian experience again.

You cannot keep on banking on finding a lone savior for the nation, a lone sharp shooter whom we charge to shoot down all the ills of the country on our behalf, while we watch and wait to enjoy. You have to seek an entire orchestra of dedicated, talented musical players who can play in innovative ways, who can play each one the partition of a new song and who play together in harmony not in cacophony. And you have to seek a symphony we all agree on and we are all excited about and a conductor who unites and inspires both the individual achievements and the collective triumphs in the magistral collective delivery of that symphony for glory and profit of community and country.

New times demand new strategy: leaders of men, leaders of teams rather than just charismatic leaders. It is said below what kind of Leaders of men, what kind of Leaders of teams I, Justima, see Haiti needs right now and in what optimal configuration I think we should bring them in to ensure our nation survives as one, mass-advances as one, and accomplishes as one, and this is the mass-advancements criteria, a complete turn around on those 5 mass areas we described above at the beginning. Otherwise we would all be trapped on for a long while.

In what is crafted as Justima'shared new vision of the way forward for Haiti, for a new country, we know it is easier for us to want to do what is well-known and to be tempted to do what other countries are doing even though when they chose to do so the first time, they picked what was best and would be best for them based on where they were at. The vision for a Haiti.2, for a nation that performs and delivers for all at a higher level now in every area as a nation where we feed ourselves, fuel ourselves and lift ourselves up at any level we want, is a vision that calls on us to dare and be bold when we try. We cannot just want to replace those who had hijacked the country for themselves but play it safe and be timid in what we offer as new, in the face of the great devastation we find ourselves in today, in every area.

The idea that we want change but that we lack the stamina or stomach or will or wit or skill to impose change on the ground, to deliver the goods that they will not deliver, to tackle the dimensions of it that they would not tackle, to show the higher respect for country and countrymens and do better in everything, to reach for higher and with consistency, to push for broader and deeper, to run harder and to go farther, and to demand finally excellence in performance and in results, for community and country, would be ludicrous if we did lack that stamina and would make us lose face in the face of those very people we sought to replace. If we are not going to do better we should not even try, as they are better than us at running the status quo. If we are going to try, says Justima, what is right, we should keep right and what is wrong, we should make right in Haiti.

The Re-Structuring Vision
Here is how we should organize the top new leadership of our country, which calls for a new ticket of a President and a Vice-President and Central National Prime Minister as well as for 3 new Regional Vice-Prime Ministers, a General-Commander of a new Citizen-soldiers National Guard, and a new National Reserve and Treasury Chairman:

Click on the Picture to see better the file


We know most people may have caught in the vision, of the top new leadership for nation-building in Haiti, our idea of a top new national leader as The General Commander of the Citizen-Soldiers National 3-Guard Forces. Here is the rationale for that. You have to weave as one unit top accountable national leaders 1) for how it is happening in the unfolding of the voluntary vision, 2) for keeping the commitments over time and on the ground nationally, 3) for the execution throughout each of the 3 regions by someone not just with the responsibility but with authority, 4) for how the money we borrowed and that we are massively injecting circulates and is not remaining glued as it makes its way down in any corrupt sticky fingers, 5) and have around that group of top united and disciplined people, a top responsible accountable professional executive commander, to work under the Commander in Chief, to help guard it all and to secure all that's at stakes in that massive national push.

And yes, we did not say frontally a regular army. The mission of a regular army is not what we want to assign to these armed forces for a nation in motion. Rather, it is in the pure historical tradition of Haiti that its Armed Forces be a sort of National Guard constituted essentially of citizens soldiers but with true professionals at its core. Dessalines, the Haitian version of General Washington, the Fore-Father of Haiti's Independence, said: "Au premier coup de canon, les villes disparaissent, mais la nation est debout " (At the first canon firing, the cities fall but the nation stands)". And indeed, the nation stood in 1803 and rendered 1804 possible. It was a citizens' soldiers army.

In this Justima's shared vision for a new country, we seek to levy the new force on that model. I seek to create 3 equally-balanced citizens national guard forces that have each, both a stand alone engagement capability and a collective engagement capability, with each standing autonomously with a precise different mission and commanded interdependently by a top brass through The General-Commander of the United Forces who operates under strict direct orders of the President.

The 3 new forces would be:

1) An Anti-Insurgents & Anti-Trafficking Air-Guard Force

2) An Anti-Gangs Land & Border-Guard Force

3) An Anti-Terror & Anti Commercial Smuggling Coast Guard Force

Haiti needs to be pacified and stabilized in a definitive way, once for all, and to be pacified by Haitian hands. We must own up our perennial instability problem and learn to establish a definitive and lasting efficient and clean security apparatus that gets the job done, on our own. There is no secret in making cola. Get the best and brightest of Haiti into 49 geographically well-dispersed 600-members strong, cells-like type of forces, of highly trained (including sensitivy training in seeing the population as the owners of the force that the force works for and is sworn in to protect) and of highly equipped 49 stand alone units that are strategically positioned in our 49 new geographical communities that we will develop the country around, so each such 49 units of 600 members strong can be, at any moment, anywhere we need to, within our territorial limits, and where each can shut down and control any part of the country within 1 hour. That is what the Justima's shared vision proposes, as a result of our top consultations with military brass, Haitians and non-Haitians alike.

My point is simple: if real nation-building is going to have to be secured in multi-locations at the same time, then you would have to use a broad-banding approach to make things more manageable : banding everything in Haiti around 3 broad concentrated regions in order to forge ahead in an optimal organized way.

The Organized Way: Divisions of the Country that Makes Sense and Devolution of Power

T00 many geographical and political divisions, like the 10 departments Haiti has right now or the equivalents of 10 states for a little island just twice as big as Long Island in New-York. It is , is anarchic the way it is (too many chiefs not enough Indians) and the way of the world is consolidation, even in France where we imported that concept of departments, the French are re-organizing to replace many of their departments. Nothing is get done in the world these days anyway without such meaningful consolidation that provides scale and scope. Conversely, concentrating it all in just the same few pairs of hands and not doing enough concrete and real devolution of political and of economical power, geographically, is tyrannic. The solution: organize the country around 3 interpedendent regional states and drive them nationally by giving each a set of separate mission and vocations and propell them to compete with each other out of their own interests to see which will control a greater share of the nation's organized creation and accumulation of wealth. Otherwise it will be savage sprawling acts of capitalism with only selfish individual aims everywhere without a common grander purpose for community and country. We all would lose again that way.

I say: Use a simple government by objective approach; give people in many domains, in 21 key domains or sectors to be exact, a clear set of objectives to reach (so they don't have to keep on waiting for a Presidential decree or directive from the central government), give them full responsibility for these objectives and force them to perform according to a set of clear specs. You definitely need a strong central government and a strong Chief of State to do hat. Give them the resources and get out of the way and let them perform regionally and nationally in inter-regions or in cross national efforts coordinated by a central government. After all, it is their country too. Just put together a system to strictly inspect what you expect. Trust but verify. Right now, for all the talk, we are all under-led and under-directed. We would have a Minister of State in charge of the deliverables in each domain nationally and a Regional Minister in charge of the regional share of the deliverables in that domain.

If You could not read the slide, Read This Version:

I stated that to do this, you need to bring about a new form of goverment with focuses on new things, not on the same ministerial departments we have been focusing on for 100 of years now.

Below are the 21 New Central National Cabinet Ministers positions that the Justima's shared vision for the nation proposes to that effect in a fresh take of how to re-organize Haiti so it can be transformed for good in an innovative way for wholesale modernity and stability and prosperity among other things:

1.Minister of State In charge of Technical and Vocational Trades, Skilled Crafts, Petits Metiers and Small Business Administration
2. Minister of State In Charge of National System of Education, of University and Research, of Multi-linguism, of Training and Re-Training of the workforce, of up-skilling and Readiness and Continuing Education of all Professionals
3. Minister of State In Charge of The Arts, of Recreation and Entertainment Industry, of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, of Casino and Money Games and Organized Sports Industries
4. Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture and Ranching and Fishing, of Agribusiness and Food Processing and agro-biotechnology sectors, of The Supermarkets and Open Markets and Food Administration
5. Minister of State of Foreign Affairs, of Promotion of Export and of Haitian Products Marketing Overseas, of Market share and of world markets Penetration
6. Minister of State of The Economy and The Budget, of Finances and of Haiti Tax Revenues Services, of The Banking System and Financial Markets and Off-Shore Investments System
7. Minister of State of Social Services, of Labor and General Pension System, of The Insurances System and of The Social Security and Digitized Vital Records
8. Minister of State of Interior and Public Surety, of Special Bureaus of Investigations and Forensics, of Immigration and Emigration and Customs Surveillance

After these first 8 new central cabinet positions, another slide shows you from the 9th to the 16th domain out of the 21 domains for which we would have new central cabinet ministers with a new focus:

If you still could not see the slide well when you clicked on it, here is what the second ones says:

The 21 New Central National Cabinet Ministers Positions I propose-Continued:

9. Minister of State of National Geographic Studies, of National Geological and Geo-Physical and Environmental Satellite Surveillance System, of Natural Mining Resources Inventory and Haiti Cartography, of Oceanic and Atmospheric Pre-Disaster Surveillance
10. Minister of State of Environmental Engineering, of the Ecology and Exploitation and Soil Conservation of Natural Parks and Scenic Sites, of Urban Planning and Housing and Land Reclamation, and of the Title Record System
11. Minister of State of Telecommunications, of New Information Systems Technologies, of The Medias and Publishing Communications Administration
12. Minister of State of State Assets Inventory and Administration, of Logistics and Concerted Purchasing
13. Minister of State of Energy Production, Distribution, and Consumption, of Exploitation and Administration of All Natural Mines
14. Minister of State of Highways Engineering System, of Mass Transit and Air Transport, Rail Transport and Maritime Transport Administration
15. Minister of State of Civil Engineering Works, of Mechanic and Electric and Structural Engineering Administration, of Architecture and Construction Industries Administration
16. Minister of State of Drinking Water, of Sewer System and Waste Administration, of Waste Water Treatment Plants and Basic Sanitation System Administration

Lastly: I proposes:

17. Minister of State of Health Services, of The Medical Practice and Public Hygiene Administration, of Bio-Medicine and Drugs and Pharmaceutical Substances Administration, of Medicinal Herbs and Plants and Organic Remedies Commercialisation
18. Minister of State of The Manufacturing and Processing Industries, of Commerce and Promotion of Foreign Investments in Haiti
19. Minister of State of The Justice and Jurisprudence System, of Stability of Contracts or Contracts Enforcements, of The National Archives, of the Prisons System, of Coordination of The National System of Local Polices or Polices of Communities
20. Minister of State of The Families and Women Conditions, of Religion and Ethics, of Social Stability and Civism, of Integration of Haitians Living Abroad and of Expatriates Living in Haiti
21. Minister of State of The Political System Administration and of Institutional Stability, of Public Administration, of National Productivity and Performance

In sum, my overall point is: where is the sense of urgency of turning the tides in Haiti, if we keep on prescribing or on doing it the business as usual way, when an entire people is perishing, engulfing daily in dire poverty and misery and negative growth and dysfunctionality? Where is the army that is marching on, in closed ranks, at fast pace, to leave no stone unturned in attempting a massive, 200 year late,transformation of Haiti?

I, as the aspirant national leader of that transformation, do not see how we will ever get there, without embarking that many people in a final run at glory in our recalcitrant island, without giving a sizable material stake to each in the final outcome. If any other potential leader sees a better way or course of action forward, I will be his/her first follower; country first, survive as one and mass-advance as one if what we are doing must take hold. The task I outlined for my country and for us, my countymen and women, is a task that I know and it is a task that many of you know (incidentally many in the political and financial circles around the world know as well) is doable. The time for doing it is now.

In all humility but with great determination to forge ahead and lead ahead, I am
Emmanuel JUSTIMA

Ex-Presidential Candidate of the Senp Sitwayen-Action Democratique political regrouping
Leader of the new Popular Political Platform JWISANS HAITI.2
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